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Ethical fee-free recruitment is finally here

We know how painful it is to pay enormous fees to job boards or recruiters only to find that your new staff member leaves after a few weeks.

That's why we don't charge you a penny upfront. You pay us a simply monthly fee only as long as your new team member stays, so we're incentivised to help you retain them.

The biggest candidate funnel you've ever seen

We've spoken to and screened over 28,000 prospective candidates in the last 9 months alone.

Working with Lifted Talent means you get access to a huge candidate funnel, and a partner that will vet and screen those candidates for your specific criteria so you don't have to waste time interviewing candidates who don't fit the bill.

You'd be hard pressed to find a bigger selection of highly tailored candidates!

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International recruitment without the hassle

Lifted Talent is a full-service talent partner built especially for care providers to identify, onboard and retain world class care staff wherever they are in the world.

We handle everything including housing, driving lessons, cars and compliance. We support you and your new recruits for as long as they are part of the team.

We make it simple, affordable and fast to build your team with no up front fees.

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The simplest, most affordable way to hire sponsored staff

Unlike traditional recruiters, we do not charge upfront recruitment fees and we take care of your Home Office fees for a 3-year visa.

You pay nothing up front. Instead, we charge a simple monthly subscription fee, only while your new staff member stays. If they leave then you stop paying and we are out of pocket, not you.

It goes without saying, but we don't charge candidates a penny.

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Technology, but with a human touch

When it comes to international recruitment, we'll always need a human touch.

In addition to providing a technology platform to find, engage, hire and relocate talented carers, we invest heavily in our Immigration Services and Operations teams to help you navigate the complexities of Home Office requirements and the logistics of cross-border relocation.

If you hire through us, you will get expert advice from an OISC-registered Immigration Adviser free of charge.

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We support both you and your new staff every step of the way

We appreciate how difficult and stressful this journey is for care workers, and for you.

That's why all your new staff take our proprietary Life in the UK training where we cover everything from cooking to employment rights, and why we negotiate amazing deals on shopping, petrol, priorty GP appointments and more for your care workers.

Then our dedicated Operations team is there 7 days a week for any problems they have, and to help you and your staff with any problems that crop up along the way.

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We're pioneering new ethical standards

Lifted Talent takes a strong position on ethics and doesn't tolerate unethical employers. If you aren't able to uphold your responsibilities as a sponsor, we're not the right partner for you.

We ask all employers we work with to commit to a common set of ethical standards that ensure their staff are taken care of and treated as they should be.

If you aspire to high ethical standards and want to be part of a community that goes to great lengths to take care of your staff, you're in the right place!

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How Greg grew his revenue with Lifted Talent

Greg runs a home care company in Buckinghamshire. Struggling to recruit locally, he started working with Lifted Talent in May 2023.

Since then, we have helped him grow his team by over 30% and his care hours by 50%, and we are just getting started.

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Built by the care sector, for the care sector.

Lifted started life as a care business, and we still run various home care services today so we deeply understand the nature of the challenge.

The Lifted Talent platform has been built in collaboration with key players across the sector, including our own care teams who are on the frontline every day.

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