Recruitment that puts you in the driving seat

Whether you're based abroad and wanting to build a new life in the UK or already here and looking to switch to a new sponsor, you're in control.

Lifted Talent is an international recruitment service that helps you find the best UK employer and supports you every step of the way through your relocation journey, including when you start work.

SponsorSwitch is a switching service for sponsored health and care staff in the UK to find a new sponsored role. 

We'll always match you with an employer who can treat you the way you deserve and support you through the process. It is completely free.

Create your profile, and let UK-based employers start chasing you

Accept or reject interview requests that come to you, compare different offers from top care providers and choose the right fit for you. With Lifted, you're in the driving seat.

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The fastest way to find the right sponsor

As soon as you tell us you want to relocate, interviews will start flooding in. The best employers are always looking for people like you, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to engage with. It's not uncommon to get a job offer within days!

Know who you'll be working for, before you even interview

You shouldn't get a nasty shock when you relocate, and you shouldn't have to waste time doing interviews with people you don't want to work for.

Our employer profiles include feedback from existing and former staff, video messages from the company leadership, ratings from candidates that interviewed with them as well as the nitty gritty details of how they pay mileage and travel time, so you know exactly what to expect.

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Find your dream job without any faff

When you find a role through Lifted, you won't be asked for multiple copies of your passport, driving license, address details and so on.

Any information we need can be put into our mobile app within minutes - no need to waste hours on recruitment admin anymore!

Start your job search

Lifted isn't just a job listing site. We help you manage your entire relocation journey.

We know how daunting it is to move to another country, so we're here to support you every step of the way.

Talent advocates

Our team is here to ensure you find the perfect employer

Visa support

We'll help you navigate the visa application process

Airport transfers

We'll arrange for a transfer to pick you up when you arrive

Accommodation search

We help you find your new home and settle in

Vehicle sourcing

We help you source a car so you can work immediately

Bank accounts

We help you set up a UK account so you can get paid

Access exclusive community benefits

Carers who find a role through our network also get access to meaningful financial perks, like 5% off fuel costs, 2% cashback whenever you spend and discounts at the stores you visit most.

Save money with Lifted

Top care providers hiring international talent through Lifted

The best way to find a job you'll love in the UK.

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